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kid friendly window treatments

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As a parent, you’re concerned about the potential dangers your child may face in the world. Home should be where they are always safe and secure, but did you know that dangling window cords from blinds and shades pose one of the top hidden hazards and risks to young children and even pets?

Keep the residents of your home safe with cordless window treatment options that come in a wide variety of stylish designs that are heavy-duty, easy to clean, and easy to use.

If you’re looking for safe, kid-friendly, durable window treatment options, please schedule a consultation with our team at The Window Design Studio to learn what we can do for your home.

Window Treatment Options To Avoid

Long curtains and draperies, although gorgeous, can not only get damaged by messy toddlers who want to pull, climb, and wipe their noses on them; they also pose a risk if young children pull the drapes down and get tangled in them.

While options are available to keep cords on existing window coverings out of reach from children, we recommend getting rid of the cords and danger completely.

Safe Window Treatment Options For Kids

One of the best options for homes with children, especially in children’s rooms, is to install motorized shades, which help to reduce the risk of choking on exposed cords while adding the convenience of smart technology.

These automated window treatment options are available in multiple patterns and colors to add visual appeal while being kid-friendly. Motorized shades also allow for light, heat, and glare control, perfect for rooms where children sleep, play, and learn.

Whatever the window treatment options you choose, the window coverings should be simple and easy to use for children. Another great, safe example is classic wood shutters. These are stronger and more durable than plastic, aluminum, or vinyl and add warmth and elegant accents to your space.

Shutters never go out of style and keep your windows free of danger.

For a cost-effective and versatile option, roman blinds are a great way to display your window while providing privacy. This shade option is fully lined on the back to prevent heat from escaping in the winter and reflect sunlight to keep your home cool in the summer.

With any window treatment, it is essential to have them properly installed to prevent injury. Our experts at The Window Design Studio are professionally trained installation experts and can help accommodate all of your window covering needs.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you keep your home safe and stylish at (707) 981-8275.

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