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Custom Retractable Awnings in San Francisco, CA

Add curb appeal to your home or business in San Francisco with custom retractable awnings in stunning colors and designs. Bask in the cool shade in warmer months, extend your outdoor living space to the outside for entertaining, experience energy efficiency and protect your indoor and outdoor furniture. Choose motorized options for the ultimate in convenience. The Window Design Studio designs custom retractable awnings to add comfort to your outdoor spaces in San Francisco and The Bay Area.

Our Extensive Selection of Retractable Awnings

The Window Design Studio offers a large selection of Bay Area awnings for your residential or commercial space to create instant shade. Custom awnings allow you to choose your fabric top from a huge selection of solid or striped colors to match your business or home’s exterior. Our expert team has over 15 years of experience designing, customizing, and professionally installing retractable awnings in San Francisco and surrounding areas while offering only the highest quality products.

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Staying Cooler in The Summer

California summers can be quite hot when there isn’t a cool breeze blowing in off the bay. A retractable awning gives you shade instantly to cool your outdoor areas down by up to 20 degrees to provide comfort while entertaining or just relaxing outside. We offer you the perfect solution for outside activities and sun protection, or to cover your outside dining area while staying cool as your premier awning company in San Francisco.

Choose From A Large Selection Of Fabrics

We offer hundreds of solid and striped fabrics in almost any color you can imagine for patio covers. Add a bright-colored awning to add interest and depth to your house, or choose a more subtle hue that blends in with your home. No matter what architectural style or colors the exterior of your dwelling or business is, we can match it with the perfect fabric and frame.

The Highest Quality Materials on the Market

We only carry the highest quality materials, such as durable textiles and fabrics, from the leading manufacturers in the country so that we can offer you longer warranties on high-quality and long-lasting products. The weather-resistant awnings fabric tops have a special product to keep them from fading in the bright UV rays of the sunlight, so they retain their bright colors. They are also treated with superior water-resistant products to keep you dry while you are outside.

Why Choose Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings last much longer than stationary models. When they are not in use and you close your retractable awning, the fabric rolls up into a protective cassette at the point where it’s mounted. This keeps the hot sun and climate weather from beating down on the fabric when it’s not being used to extend its life drastically. Closing your awning in high winds and strong rain showers will protect the fabric from tearing and keep the frame from bending or twisting.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Enjoy higher energy efficiency in your home with shade solutions. When your retractable awning is open, it not only cools the area underneath it, but it provides shade to your doors and windows under it too. Blocking the sun out lowers indoor temperatures, so you can use less electricity to keep your residential or commercial space cool in the summer months.

Furniture Protection

Furniture Protection

Eliminating the sun from beaming down on your outdoor furniture will extend its life before needing to replace it. Shading your home's doors and windows will also protect your indoor furnishings, such as furniture and flooring, from fading in the bright sunlight and needing to be replaced prematurely.

Precise Measurements

Precise Measurements

Your porch, patio, or deck is not a one-size-fits-all entertaining area of your home. These areas come in many different sizes with different roof heights as well, so it just makes sense that you need a custom awning of the Bay Area in order for it to fit perfectly and operate properly. Our team members take precise measurements to design and fabricate your custom residential awnings.

The Convenience of Motorization

The Convenience of Motorization

Choose your mode of operation, whether manual or automated, to suit your needs. Each operation mode only takes a matter of minutes to open and close your retractable awnings in the Bay Area. The heavy-duty motor on our motorized awnings allows you to open and close your awning with the touch of a button for convenience.

The Experts for Custom Retractable Awnings in San Francisco

We are your premier designer, fabricator, and awning installation company in San Francisco of retractable awnings in the area. We carry only the highest quality materials for custom awnings, and we guarantee our services and products for your peace of mind. Our products are handcrafted, and we are local, so that you can get your awnings in the Bay Area quickly. With our customers in mind, we offer a complete turnkey process, and we can stay within your budget.

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