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Vertical Blinds Custom Made in San Francisco

When the Bopp brothers invented vertical blinds in the 1950s, their revolutionary design addressed many of the shortcomings that they perceived in contemporary window covering counterparts. Vertical blinds didn’t collect dust the same way that horizontal treatments did, and their side-to-side motion was uniquely perpendicular to other blinds on the market. This meant their new vertical design fulfilled a niche in the market and they quickly became a popular style of residential and commercial window treatments and patio door blinds. Over the past 70 plus years, vertical blinds have evolved from the classic Bopp brother design to a variety of modern styles.

Contemporary Vertical Blinds in San Francisco

Thanks to innovations in design style, advancements in construction materials, and the latest in contemporary interior aesthetics, modern vertical blinds now bestow a rich cornucopia of benefits to homeowners or business owners that install vertical blinds in their houses or establishments. Benefits include advancements in functional performance and more high-end options for fashion-forward vertical blinds and blinds for sliding glass doors.

Dual Motion Capabilities

Blinds, both vertical blinds and horizontal blinds, can move in two separate ways for an unmatched range of light control. Their slatted construction style like shutters has individual vanes that can rotate side-to-side to control incoming sunlight and provide privacy. Additionally, vertical blinds can move as an entire unit easily traversing to the side for unobstructed views and full sunlight. The dual motion capabilities ensure that no matter what lighting needs arise; vertical blinds can be responsive and adaptive.

Environmental Control

Vertical blinds can help to control the entire environment in a room with features that affect multiple environmental factors such as light and sound. Select styles of vertical blinds, in addition to light-control, are designed to help quiet rooms for a more peaceful acoustic ambience. Advanced textiles and finishing treatments for vanes on vertical blinds can absorb sound waves while the curved shape of certain vane styles deflects sound waves for better indoor acoustics.

Material Choice

Modern vertical blinds can be fabricated from a wide range of materials with both hard and soft aesthetics. Fabric options for vertical blinds include a diverse palette of colors, prints and textures; vinyl materials provide enhanced, long-lasting constructions; and light-catching metals provides eye-catching choices with ultra-high durability.

The Bigger the Better

Vertical blinds are designed to work over wide windows or sliding glass doors. Their operating systems make maneuvering the large window coverings easy while maintaining smooth, reliable side-to-side motion. This feature is especially valuable on blinds for sliding glass doors or patio door blinds if the homeowner’s consistent need to access the underlying entryway results in heavy use of the blinds.

Multi-purpose Designs

Vertical blinds are useful window treatments for a variety of applications. They can be used for residential design in houses or apartments, office spaces, retail locations and many types of commercial properties. They make excellent blinds for sliding glass doors, patio door blinds, or entryway treatments. In addition, when used on windows, vertical blinds can be customized for treatments as narrow as 9 inches or as wide as nearly 25 feet for use on most any size of residential or commercial window. Vertical blinds can also be used in multiple ways within a single room. In addition to acting as window or door covers, select styles of vertical blinds can also be fashioned into room dividers for a truly multi-functional treatment.

Natural Beauty

The beauty of glass in homes of sliding glass doors or windows is the natural beauty it provides. Whether that’s warming natural sunlight coming in or an exquisite view out, glass doors and windows connect our home with the beauty of the world around it. And it would almost feel like a shame to cover that beauty, save for the need for privacy and light control in a household and the desire to improve energy efficiency. Luckily, vertical blinds allow homeowners to keep part of that natural beauty intact with dual-motion capabilities. The multi-dimensional movements of vertical blinds allow for a varied interaction with natural sunlight from blocking it completely to allowing it all in as well as the ability to slide open completely with minimal stack-back to maximize the view. Homeowners can balance their desire for natural beauty with other household needs like privacy and easily adjust their vertical shades to suit a range of situations.

Why Choose Vertical Blinds From The Window Design Studio

The Window Design Studio carries the full range of Hunter Douglas, Graber®, Norman, and Lafayette products including vertical blinds. Let their team of talented window treatment experts help you craft custom vertical blinds for windows, blinds for sliding glass doors, or patio door blinds with the latest features and styles for your home or business. Elements Interiors and Window Fashions serves the communities of Fairfax, Corte Madera, Belvedere, Tiburon, Mill Valley, San Rafael, Sausalito, Larkspur, Marin, Sonoma counties, and the greater San Francisco area. Request a consultation today to discuss new vertical blinds.

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