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Should Blinds Be Lighter or Darker Than Your Walls?

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Choosing the right window coverings for your home is all about finding balance and creating a look that reflects your personal style, is pleasing to look at, and is functional. This often leads to the question, “Should blinds be lighter or darker than walls?” When you choose window blinds by The Window Design Studio, you can count on expert help with this tricky question. 

Lighter or Darker Blinds Are a Matter of Preference 

Like many decor decisions, there isn’t a hard and fast rule about whether blinds should be lighter or darker than the surrounding wall. Homeowner preference, what you think looks good, and how you want the room to feel are more important considerations. 

Many designers note that the tone, or color warmth or coolness, of the blind color is a more important consideration. Choosing window treatments in the same tone as the paint color ensures a cohesive and pleasing look, regardless of whether the blinds are dark or light-colored. 

The Case for Blinds Lighter Than Your Wall 

If you have a small room or prefer the blinds to disappear or blend in with the rest of the space, the answer to, “Should blinds be lighter or darker than walls?” is “lighter.” Hanging light-colored blinds helps a room feel brighter and airier. Instead of becoming a focal point that could potentially dominate the space, the blinds are subtle, and the eye just moves over them instead of stopping.

Hanging window coverings that are significantly lighter than the surrounding walls (like pairing white blinds with deep jewel tones) has the opposite effect. A much lighter color creates a contrast that draws attention. 

The Case for Blinds Darker Than Your Wall  

Choosing window blinds in a darker color can create drama and impact in any room, especially in larger spaces. The contrast between dark and light stops the eye because of the stark difference, and a deeper color can also appear to take up more space. In large rooms with tall ceilings and windows, dark-colored blinds and shades help prevent the space from feeling cold and empty, while they can give small rooms a cozier and more intimate feeling.

Another Option: Matching the Blinds to the Wall 

For the most seamless look, match the color of the blinds to the wall. This approach is ideal when you want to create the feeling of continuous space. However, in a large room with a lot of wall decor, matching the blinds to the walls can also create large chunks of empty-looking space when closed, which might look odd. 

Get Help Finding the Perfect Blinds from The Window Design Studio 

The professional designers at The Window Design Studio in San Francisco can help you decide, “Should blinds be lighter or darker than walls?” and choose the perfect window coverings to enhance your home. In addition to exploring different color options, they can come up with creative solutions like hanging Roman shades over blinds. Make an appointment with a designer online, or call the store at (707) 981-8275.

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