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How to Measure for Window Shades: Important Factors

how to measure for window shades

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Window shades are an integral part of modern home décor. When you mount them, you’ll get a ton of advantages, including privacy, light control, and energy efficiency. However, you need to know how to measure for window shades if you want to enjoy these benefits.

If it’s your first time, you’d be under immense pressure to avoid making any mistakes. As the top choice for premium window shades in San Francisco, we know what works and what doesn’t. This blog post will make your job easier. Here are the top things to consider to ensure the process ends well.

Decide if You’re Going With an Inside or Outside Mount

An inside mount means your window shades will be inside the window sill. With an outside mount, the window shades will extend well outside the window frame. Your decision here will influence the rest of your measurement.

Many people choose inside mount installation when they want to combine the shades with draperies. However, it won’t give you the same level of light control as outside mounts. Still, most interior décor enthusiasts will only recommend going with an outside mount if you intend to use the shades as your only window treatment.

How to Measure for Window Shades: Inside Mount

When measuring for inside-mount window shades, you can’t afford to make any mistakes. Here are the key things to do:

  • Measure the inside of the window frame’s width across the top, middle, and bottom. The narrowest width across the three parts is the measurement you’ll go with.
  • Measure for height across the middle and the left and right sides. Take note of the longest between the three.
  • Measure the window depth. It will give you an idea of how deep the blinds can be.

Don’t round down any of the measurements. If your measurements don’t tally with what is required for inside mount shades, you should consider choosing an outside mount or switching to a different window treatment.

How to Measure for Window Shades: Outside Mount

When measuring outside mounts for window shades, you need to ensure you’re leaving enough space to accommodate the mount. Here’s how you can get accurate results:

  • Measure the entire window area. You have to measure both the window width and height.
  • Add an extra three inches. Extending the width and height of the window will give you complete light control and privacy. It will also make the window appear larger.
  • Be sure to allow enough space for fittings and obstructions. You need to allow enough space for the headrail and mounting brackets as well as obstructions around the window opening, like deadbolts and knobs. You may need extension brackets for major obstructions.

Get Professional Guidance From The Window Design Studio

Are you still unsure about how to measure for window shades? The expert team at The Window Design Studio can help. We are fully committed to helping homeowners in the Bay Area enjoy the benefits of custom window shades. Call us today at (707) 981-8275 to schedule a consultation.

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