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Must-Try Nursery Window Treatment Ideas for a Dreamy Baby Room

nursery window treatments

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Making sure the nursery you create for your little one is an exciting and fulfilling task, but it involves many essential details and considerations. Window treatments play an important role in providing a beautiful yet functional space- from providing a safe sleep environment to adding elegance and style. So finding the perfect window treatments can make or break a successful nursery design project!

Window Design Studio understands the significance of creating an inviting nursery for your little bundle of joy. That is why we have assembled a selection of nursery window treatment ideas that combine safety, practicality, and aesthetics in order to help turn his or her room into an inviting dreamscape.

Nursery Shade

1. Light and Airy Window Treatments

If you want a nursery with a soft and airy ambiance, consider incorporating soft sheer curtains. With an assortment of fabrics available and bright colors and prints available to choose from or a classic white hue – sheer curtains add softness while offering both style and functionality – perfect for nap times when combined with interior-mounted shades or blinds. Light and airy curtains give a sense of simplicity and elegance in the nursery space.

2. Dramatic and Elegant Curtains

For a nursery with classic, vintage, or fairy tale themes, using curtains that gracefully extend beyond the floor can add charm. Choose colors that complement the room’s mood – whether bold statements or subtle blends – when selecting fabrics to achieve this elegant look. Aim to leave approximately 6 to 10 inches of slack at the bottom of each panel for this effect, and consider adding color-block effects or fringe to elongate and enhance standard curtain panels further for maximum charm!

3. Blackout Curtains to Facilitate Restful Sleep

Blackout shades for nurseries provide practicality and an ideal sleep environment, especially if your baby’s room receives ample natural light or is located in an area with extended daylight hours. Pull-down panels may be combined with other curtain styles during the daytime, or special blackout curtains could add decorative flourish while simultaneously blocking excessive light levels.

4. Nursery Blinds and Shutters

Window shutters and blinds create both classic aesthetics and an opulent ambiance in a baby’s room, offering classic aesthetics and a soothing ambiance. Child-safe and functional wooden slats or cordless blinds can easily be adjusted to regulate how much light enters a room. For added flair, consider painting them vibrant colors to match the nursery theme and pair them with sheer drapes or curtains mounted inside to soften their look further.

5. Nursery Window Shades

Offering an adaptable solution for natural lighting, nursery window shades are an enduring and fashionable solution to controlling how much light comes through windows. They can roll down from the top of each window for convenient control over how much is streaming in. With Roman shades offering safe strangulation risks and adding sophistication, roller and honeycomb shades, on the other hand, provide cord-free use while adapting easily to any nursery style as your little one develops over time.

6. Nursery Window Valances

Valances, an iconic component of window treatments, can still add charm and interest to the nursery of your child. Available in three main varieties–gathered, scarf, or straight–valances are an elegant finishing touch for window treatments that add an eye-catching decorative element. With custom or universal valances available to choose from, valances provide that finishing touch that completes their unique window plan perfectly.

7. DIY Nursery Window Covering Ideas

DIY nursery window treatments offer an easy way to bring personalization and creativity into their baby’s room. Simply purchase simple curtain panels, decorate them with hot-glued pom poms or colorful fabric ties, and attach hot-glued pom poms for an eye-catching pop of color, or sew curtains that match the theme of the room using fabric from your nursery theme if sewing skills allow it. There are numerous tie-top curtain tutorials online, as well as blackout curtain tutorials making creating custom window treatments simple and straightforward!

How To Pick The Right Nursery Window Treatments

nursery window treatments

Choose Window Treatments Early

It is wise to begin selecting window treatments early when designing a nursery, as this enables you to plan the decor and color scheme around them. Furthermore, custom window treatments may have longer lead times; selecting them earlier ensures they will arrive before your baby arrives.

Safety First

When selecting nursery window treatments, safety should always come first. Corded window blinds, shades, or treatments with cord safety features should be avoided, as these could present strangulation hazards to small children. Instead, opt for cordless blinds or shades or select treatments with cord safety devices as alternatives.

Light Control

Babies need rest, so it’s important to consider how much light comes into their nursery. Blackout curtains or shades may provide additional privacy during nap time while providing a soothing environment in which to rest.

Fabric Selection

When shopping for curtains and blinds with machine-washable materials that are easy to maintain and wipeable surfaces, consider what would work best with regard to mess management for babies. Machine-washing curtains or blinds could come in handy when dealing with spilled milk.


Choose window treatments that match the nursery theme and color palette, such as soft hues or whimsical patterns that add character. Soft tones and playful prints will create an enjoyable environment that contributes to a peaceful ambiance in the room.


Think carefully about the function you require from your window treatments, whether stationary, easily adjustable, or motorized blinds may be the most convenient. For instance, they can be controlled remotely through their smartphone app or remote control.

Temperature Regulation

Window treatments can also assist in temperature regulation. Thermal or energy-efficient curtains can keep rooms cooler during summertime and warmer during wintertime.


To provide your nursery with sufficient privacy, sheer curtains with blackout lining may provide enough shade during the day while still letting in light.


Babies grow quickly, quickly becoming mobile and curious. Make sure that any window treatments you select are installed securely without loose parts that could pose a danger.

Consider Allergies

Some children may have allergies to certain materials; if this seems likely, look for hypoallergenic fabrics and treatments if possible.

Keep an Eye Out for "Best for Kids Certification

kid friendly window treatments

When shopping for window treatments, keep an eye out for products with the “Best for Kids” certification from Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA). This seal ensures that they meet the stringent safety requirements set forth by this organization and are tested to be suitable for homes with young children.


Window Design Studio excels at crafting delightful and comforting environments for babies.

Window treatments are an easy and elegant way to elevate the atmosphere in any nursery, and with some careful research and planning you can design an idyllic environment for your baby’s bedroom. Your baby will surely delight in their dreamy new space – after all, what could possibly top having a palace for themselves?

Take a look through our carefully curated list of nursery window treatment ideas to create an enchanting nursery that meets safety standards while remaining elegant and chic. When making decisions regarding window treatments for your nursery, keep natural light, functionality and longevity in mind when making decisions. Our team is committed to helping you design the nursery of your dreams that provides warmth and love during all phases of development – start decorating today and make something magical happen with us!

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