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Expert Tips On How to Choose Window Treatments

how to choose window treatments

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When shopping, you will be amazed at the range of available window treatments in Petaluma. Hard window treatments like blinds and shutters are hard, while soft ones made of fabric include drapery and blinds. Plus, there are shades in various styles too! With all these choices for window treatments, you might wonder about the best way how to choose window treatments.

Selecting the ideal window treatments for your home is a critical element of interior design. There are numerous factors to consider, such as functionality, style, and budget. Expert tips on how to choose window treatments, like identifying your needs, selecting appropriate materials, and measuring your windows accurately, can help you make informed choices and achieve the desired outcomes. By following these expert tips, you’ll be well on your way to making informed decisions that will give you optimal results.

What You Should Consider When Choosing Window Treatments

When selecting window treatments for your home, there are several elements to consider.

Purpose of Window Treatments

Before choosing window coverings for any room in your home, consider their intended use. How much privacy do you need in this space? Are you seeking lighting control from UV rays and heat? Or do you require more insulation against heat?

Your Room’s Style and Decoration

Window treatments should match the style and design of your room. For formal dining rooms, drapery panels with traditional pleating styles, such as a goblet or header pleat, should be used.

window treatment room type and decorations

Size and Shape of Your Windows

Size matters when selecting window treatments for large windows or sliding glass doors. Vertical blinds, for instance, open and close smoothly without intruding on the door’s movement – giving off an illusion of more significant space. Conversely, narrow slatted blinds look better on smaller windows; custom treatments allow you to accommodate any shape easily.

Which Direction is Your Window Facing

South-facing windows require the most lighting, heat control, and insulation while west-facing ones need protection from the early morning sun rays. Your other windows will receive less exposure to these intense rays, so they can be made lighter by adding sheer curtains in your dining area.

Budget Considerations

Budget is an essential factor when selecting window coverings. A professional designer can help you achieve the desired look within budget by altering fabric types or styles to keep costs down.

Window Treatment Types and Their Individual Benefits

Budget considerations should continue beyond cost considerations when selecting window treatments. They have expertise in different window treatment types and advantages too.

Window treatments offer many advantages, and understanding these can help you make an informed decision for each room in your house. This guide on how to choose window treatments introduces the different types of window treatments and their specific uses and benefits.


Blinds come in a range of materials, such as wood or fabric, and are highly durable. Not only do they control light well horizontally and vertically (because their vanes overlap when closed), but you can also tilt them to filter out light indoors. Plus, blinds use minimal energy consumption, too, making them an energy-saving choice.

wood blinds


Shutters come in hardwood or composite materials and offer exceptional longevity. With a lifetime guarantee, these shutters are one of the most reliable window products on the market. You have your pick of styles, plus excellent insulation. Simply lift up the panels for added coverage to take advantage of natural sunlight on sunny days.


Shades come in a range of styles: from roller shades to Roman shades, cellular shades, and woven ones. Most are crafted from fabric, allowing easy control over light levels and having excellent insulation properties.

Tips on How to Choose Window Treatments for a Specific Space

These tips will guide you as you shop for window treatments in your home and make informed decisions.

  1. Accurately measure the frame and window to guarantee your window treatments fit correctly. Measure the width at the top, center, and bottom; record the shortest measurement. Measure the height at these locations using only one size – even if they aren’t perfectly centered! This way, you can find the most suitable treatment for your windows regardless of their alignment.
  2. When selecting window treatments, take into account their function and intended use. Window treatments should provide optimal privacy, light control, durability, versatility, and lighting control.
  3. Select a style that complements your living room’s decor and design for optimal results. To let the beauty of the environment shine through, pick window treatments that blend in with their surroundings. Brightly-colored window treatments can be the focal point in an otherwise monochromatic space.
  4. When selecting window treatments, take into account their maintenance and care requirements. Drapes with pleats require more work than more straightforward blinds, shades, and shutters, which only need dusting. These items should be used in rooms that get a lot of foot traffic, like living rooms and dining areas with frequent visitors.

Last Thoughts

When selecting window treatments, style, lighting requirements, and insulation play a role. Ensure your selection meets your space’s needs while creating an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

With the help of this expert guide on how to choose window treatments, you can make an informed decision that meets your requirements and preferences. Whether it’s privacy, light control, or aesthetic appeal that’s most important to you, you can find plenty of window treatment options in your local window treatment stores that will meet them all. 

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