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Top 5 Window Treatment Options for Maximizing Your Large Windows

Top 5 Window Treatment Options for Maximizing Your Large Windows

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Living with large windows certainly provides beautiful views and an abundance of natural light. However, covering those expansive windows with the right treatments can be challenging. You want to maximize visibility while addressing privacy, light control, energy efficiency, and aesthetics. The good news is that today’s window fashions offer stylish solutions for even the largest windows. Read on for our top 5 recommendations for window treatments to make the most of your oversized windows.

1. Motorized Shades

Motorized shades are one of the most popular window treatments for large windows today. Shades that raise, lower, open, close, or tilt at the touch of a button or with voice control offer convenience and flexibility. Motorized roller shades and cellular shades are especially well suited to big windows, as their mechanisms enable smooth operation even for very wide widths and tall lengths.

Roller and cellular shades come in room darkening and blackout materials to block light when desired. Or go for softly diffused natural light with sheer, translucent, and light-filtering fabrics. Add options like built-in sheer vanes between dual roller shades for privacy and daylight. Home automation systems enable remote app access and scheduling for the ultimate in motorized shade convenience. Wave goodbye to hard-to-reach cords and the hassle of adjusting multiple shades manually. Let motorization streamline operation.

Motorized shades | Window Treatment Options for Large Windows

2. Draperies and Curtains

For a classic, elegant look, draperies and curtains reign supreme. The generous volumes of draped fabric beautifully frame outsized windows, while muted colors and interesting textures establish a decorative focal point. Drapes can make large windows feel more intimate and cozy when closed. Draw back the curtains during the day to reveal the windows in all their glory.
Choose lined draperies to help insulate against temperature extremes. Opt for blackout lining or interlining to darken a room completely when the curtains are drawn.

Accomplish daytime light filtering and nighttime blackout with dual fabric Roman shades concealed behind stationary drapery panels. Layer sheers behind drapes to diffuse incoming light. Install drapery tracks that enable smooth drawing open and closing across even the widest windows.

Motorized shades | Window Treatment Options for Large Windows

3. Motorized Blinds

Like motorized shades, motorized blinds take the work out of covering supersized windows. Consider convenient motorized vinyl or aluminum mini blinds. Or go for motorized wood or faux wood blinds for an upscale aesthetic. Models with built-in sheer fabrics between the slats maintain privacy while allowing some light through.

Tilt the slats open, close, or raise and lower the blinds automatically with a push button or remote app control. Home automation integration ties the motorized blinds in with lighting, climate control, entertainment, and security systems for home management. Programmable timers make the blinds operate like clockwork. Let motorized blinds handle hard-to-reach windows with ease.

Top 5 Window Treatment Options for Maximizing Your Large Windows

4. Shutters

Shutters lend traditional styling to modern homes. For sizeable windows, consider large-slat plantation shutters. The expansive slats enable full coverage over large window areas. Shutters can be tilted closed to block light and opened fully to reveal the entire window.

Shutters are available in vinyl, composite, and wood materials. Their sleek, clean-lined look complements both traditional and contemporary décor. Add drama by pairing bold-colored shutters with neutral walls. Custom-sized shutters can be made to fit even unusually shaped windows. Inside, outside, or semi-mount options accommodate nearly any window configuration. Let shutters add style while controlling light and insulating.

Top 5 Window Treatment Options for Maximizing Your Large Windows

5. Skylight Shades

Skylights are the ultimate in large windows overhead. Bring in the sun through skylights by day, then block light and insulation at night with top-mounted skylight shades. Easy-to-reach pole operation enables opening and closing the shades with the simple turn of a rod.

Opt for room darkening and blackout shade fabrics to prevent daylight and evening artificial lighting from entering the skylight. Energy-efficient cellular shades help insulate. For skylights with hard-to-reach corners, make operation easy with motorized shades. Enjoy the overhead daylight without overhead hassle.

Automate for Convenience

Home automation takes motorized window treatments to the ultimate level of convenience. With home automation systems, control blinds, shades, drapes, and more via smartphone and voice commands. Set schedules to open window coverings at daybreak for natural light and close at night for privacy. Integrate with home security systems for automated privacy when you’re away—control window treatments room-by-room or home-wide. Let automation handle all the adjustments to keep your large windows covered every moment of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions about Maximizing Large Windows

For floor-to-ceiling windows, some great options are motorized roller shades and cellular shades, draperies on decorative rods or tracks, motorized wood or faux wood blinds, and plantation shutters. These window treatments can cover the tall heights while adding style.

Add window treatments like blackout cellular shades, insulating drapes, shutters, or solar screens to make large living room windows feel more private. Layering treatments like sheets and curtains also help. For outside, consider screened porches.

Extra wide windows do best with expansive shades, drapery panels on wide curtain rods, shutters, and motorized options that cover large areas smoothly. Consult a window treatment specialist to get the right specs.

Maximize Your Oversize Windows

Big, beautiful windows deserve well-designed treatments to control light and add privacy and style. Sheers gracefully diffuse natural light. Drapes elegantly insulate and soften. Shades and blinds flexibly filter sunlight and views. Shutters charmingly add personality. Motorization and automation simplify operation.

For expert help selecting the ideal window treatments to maximize your large windows, contact the professionals at The Window Design Studio. Our experienced designers will schedule a free in-home consultation to view your windows firsthand. We’ll discuss your aesthetics, privacy, light control, insulation, and convenience goals. Then, we’ll measure each window precisely and show you product samples to find the perfect solutions.

We specialize in designing stylish, functional solutions for oversized and hard-to-cover windows. Our expert team will handle all the details – precise measurements, special orders, professional installation, and more. We make the entire process easy and enjoyable.

Give your large living spaces the window treatments they deserve. Call The Window Design Studio at (415) 521-6480 today to schedule your free design consultation. Our designers look forward to helping you maximize the beauty and functionality of your expansive windows.

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