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How to Choose Window Treatments for Two-Story Windows

window treatments for two-story windows

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Two-story windows give any space a “wow” factor, letting in plenty of natural light and highlighting views of the outdoors. But for all their advantages, large windows also create challenges to maintaining privacy, energy efficiency, and protecting furnishings from the sun. The Window Design Studio, San Francisco’s premium window shades experts, has some advice on choosing window treatments for two-story windows. 

1. Find the Right Fabric 

The extra length of a two-story drape means it also carries additional weight. For this reason, it’s best to choose fabric window treatments that don’t stretch to prevent flaring; for example, although linen can be light and airy, it also stretches and may not hang well. A lightweight wool or lined sheer fabric has enough structure to drape beautifully.

2. Choose Patterns Carefully

In general, neutral solids are the best option for large window coverings, as they create a soft backdrop that doesn’t detract from the view. If you prefer a pattern, know that a large or bold print will become a focal point and make the space feel busy or overwhelming. A simple design with one or two colors on a light background is less demanding on the eye.

3. Consider Shades 

Instead of hanging drapes, custom Roman or roller shades are an ideal choice for window treatments for two-story windows, as they provide privacy and block UV rays without overpowering the room. Or try layering shades with long drapes, which allows you to customize the amount of light in the room and lets you play with colors and textures to create the exact feeling you want in the room.

4. Try Dressing Only the Lower Windows 

Another option to consider is dressing only the lower portion of the windows and leaving the top half uncovered. This design approach preserves privacy without sacrificing all of the natural light. 

5. Invest in Motorized Shades

One of the most important things to consider when choosing window treatments for two-story windows is the available light. Intense sunlight can damage floors, carpets, and furnishings over time, so blocking UV rays with window treatments is essential for protection, not to mention for keeping the room comfortable. Because it’s a challenge to reach windows on a second story, investing in motorized shades or blinds allows you to open and close them with the touch of a button and enjoy the view without affecting your belongings.

Get Help from the Experts at The Window Design Studio

Choosing window treatments for two-story windows is challenging, and their size often requires custom shades, blinds, drapes, or curtains. The Window Design Studio in San Francisco is the leading local source for stylish window coverings that enhance any interior design and frame the gorgeous California views. Whether your taste skews toward Bohemian window treatments or you prefer a more tailored style, our professional designers can create the perfect look for any home. 

To get started, make a consultation appointment online, or call The Window Design Studio at (707) 981-8275.

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